My Startup Story

Pursuing Entrepreneurship in Speech Therapy

Since the day she completed her professional degree in speech and hearing sciences, she devoted herself to create a better world by bringing the knowledge and skills of speech therapy to the society through entrepreneurship.

The Entrepreneurial Journey


Charlotte founded her first venture Samlot Speech & Swallowing Clinic two years after graduation. Samlot strive to provide distinguishing speech therapy service. It is now one of the biggest clinics in the industry serving more than 3000 clients each year, receiving continuous and extensive positive feedbacks from clients, school partners and the Education Bureau.


Another venture Yuppies® was born, Yuppies® aspires to design and manufacture speech & language training materials for professional and educational use. Charlotte wish to promote the professionalism of the industry and to empower educators by making skills transfer happen. Yuppies® is famed for its simple but delicate design, its products are now pervasively adopted in universities, hospitals, schools and non-profit organizations for professional training and education. The products were now selling and in great demand around the globe including Europe, U.S., Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines etc.


Charlotte has extended her entrepreneurial base from Hong Kong to Singapore. Very soon in the same year, she was recruited as Domain Expert Entrepreneur-in-Residence by Entrepreneurship First to build startup with the domain knowledge, experience and insights of the industry. Entrepreneur First is a UK-headquartered deep technology startup incubator which is in partnership with the Singapore government owned firm SGInnovate. Its portfolio is now valued at well over $1.3 billion and raises $115M new fund to create another 300+ startup.

Now and To Be Continued…

iSpeech, a singapore-based tech startup was born early 2019. Charlotte want to take one step further, to make bigger impact by equipping her professional knowledge with technology. With the exponential technology advancement, Charlotte decided to make multilingual no longer a hurdle for communication!

Professional Highlights in Teaching and Supervision

  • Instructor of Master of Sciences In Education Speech-Language Pathology And Learning Disabilities, The Education University of Hong Kong
  • Clinical Supervisor of Master of Speech Therapy, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University  
  • Honorary Clinical Supervisor of Master of Speech Therapy, The University of Hong Kong  
  • Guest Lecturer of Higher Diploma in Early Childhood Education, The Open University of Hong Kong
  • Instructor of Diploma in Childhood Education (Foundation & Skills), The Institute of Advanced Learning