Life and Family

Position your family as a Super Powerbank

Women’s role has changed tremendously and is making substantial impact in our world today. More women have the resources and opportunities to craft their own ambitious career pathway. However, many still struggle to make the fulfilling work-life fit. For high-performing women, they are no longer willing to sacrifice their personal or family lives until it’s the time to retire or downshift.

Quality of life for women is finding a happy balance between work and family.

This is absolutely not an easy yes-or-no question for women with big dreams and huge minds. They experience lots of struggles in achieving the heavenly work-life balance. Women strive to be the super wives, super moms, and career women. And, women continue to struggle with what is expected of them.

Female role models are important for ambitious women to share the exits they found, to support each other through life challenges and to empower girls in the next generation.

What we should do is to jump out from the frame, and turn the war land into your supercharging station. Pick one and take your first step:

  • Communicate Deep and Honest – result is not the most important concern, staying connected with your partner matters!
  • Keep it interesting – big or small, make each other laugh as if it’s you and your partner’s first date!
  • Seek help – offer your partner a chance to help, seriously – a chance!