Couple Relationship

How to keep your relationship happy and healthy?

My simple answer is defining the “You, Me and Us”. Many of us think that the relationship with our other half is 2-become-1. However, a truly healthy couple relationship relies on the ability and wisdom in identifying and differentiating your need and his/her need, as well as making consensus between YOU and ME to become US.

Sometimes it hurts. Sometimes it’s bad. It’s the best in the end.

This is the first step to start the “You, Me and Us” Journey by answering the following questions:

  • What are your needs in a relationship and does your partner knows about your needs?
  • Do you or your partner feel forced to share interests?
  • Do you think the same when you and your partner spend time apart versus when you two are together?

It is important to make both partners feel connected in maintaining a long lasting and fulfilling couple relationship.