Hello, I am Charlotte Yuen.

Charlotte is the only speech therapist in Hong Kong who built three private companies in different natures – Service, Product, Tech. She has been a speech therapist since 2007. She was fascinated by bringing the knowledge and skills of speech therapy to the society through entrepreneurship. She founded the speech therapy clinic Samlot in 2009 and co-founded another speech therapy training tools production company Yuppies┬« in 2010. Since 2017, Charlotte has expanded her entrepreneurship horizon to Singapore. In the same year, she was recruited as an Entrepreneur-in-residence at a London-based deep technology startup builder Entrepreneur First in Singapore. She was nominated as the National Youth Entreprenueur Award as well as a Entre Pass Holder in Singapore. In 2019, she extended her Singapore-based tech startup, iSpeech, to Hong Kong which was soon selected as a seed programme supported by iDendron, the HKU Innovation and Entrepreneurship Hub.